Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weddings and celebrants and inspiration

Next week I'm presenting a workshop session at the Australian National Civil Celebrants conference here in Canberra. I'm actually taking part twice because my wind trio is playing at the opening night cocktail party.

In my capacity as a musician I've played at hundreds of weddings--some, absolutely beautiful with perfect weather, lovely couple, ideal setting--others, not so good. NB Choosing an outdoor wedding venue in the months before Christmas in Canberra is not a good idea. Musicians and guests have often shivered and on more than one occasion sprinted for shelter in a park as wind and rain descended on the not so cheerful assembly.

All that aside I love playing at weddings and am looking forward to the conference presentation. My session is called The Language of Love. We'll be exploring ways of using language and different words  and phrases to help celebrants and their clients write services and vows in more expressive ways.

My book The Wedding Party was inspired by the brilliant civil celebrant who presided over the wedding of my niece, in beautiful Narooma on the NSW south coast. She did such a good job I was positive she must be a friend of the bride or groom but no, she wasn't. They were regular clients and she did all her weddings in the same personal way.

This expert woman was the basis for my heroine Phoebe, the girl who adores weddings and wants one of her own. Cue Brady, one of the two Best Men, who detests weddings and the whole concept of giving up his freedom to get married.  A character also inspired by that wonderful wedding.

The Wedding Party is available in e and paperback from Amazon

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Cover

Opening the email containing the cover for my latest book is always the same--excitement and anticipation mixed with a little bit of dread that it will be a total dud.
I'm happy to say I think the artist has done a great job this time. The long dark hair and the sweet friendly face suit my heroine Annie perfectly. That wistful look sums up exactly how she feels about Hugh -- E For England Hugh -- her fantasy man living downstairs.

E For England will be available from Escape Publishing from August 1, 2013.