Monday, September 24, 2012

Using real life and Dad in particular

Like every author I shamelessly pinch incidents and snippets of conversation from my life and those around me. Of course I'd never use or identify a real person but my family often recognises something in a book.  My father is a great source of anecdotes and information. At 90 he, as one of my friends puts it, is a legend. Dad, along with my mother-in-law is my biggest fan.

In Stuck I used his knowledge of woodturning to give my hero Brad his expertise. The story about the mice Brad tells Gina while they're stuck in the lift is true and happened to my Dad.

He is also the source of the opening line in The Right Chord. One of his many friends said this to him once:
"It's hopeless having an argument with you. You always see the other person's point of view."

He thinks it's a very chuckleworthy comment and still has a laugh about it whenever he rereads the book.

Check out both stories The Right Chord   and  Stuck

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Words to live by

Yang style Tai Chi takes its name from the Yang family who established the movements of the form six generations ago in China. The family has a motto for training and for life which is equally applicable to us as writers.

Diligence--Hard work and effort is a prerequisite for skilled development. Daily practice will be rewarded by beneficial results

Perseverance--It is important that a long enduring sense of purpose should be cultivated. This, combined with daily practice will achieve the results.

Respect --respect for your master, teacher and fellow man is important. Mutual respect serves to enhance a sense of community and solidarity in a society.

Sincerity -- Sincerity in attitude or motivation is a prerequisite for learning Tai Chi Chuan. Deal with others sincerely if you wish them to reciprocate. Maintain sincerity in the fore of your dealings with others and you will achieve a smooth flow in relationships.

 I've practised Tai Chi since 1987 and in all sorts of places in the world. Here I am in the Western Desert, Egypt.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

GIVEAWAY of Eve's Passion

I'm giving away an autographed paperback copy of Eve's Passion to one lucky person. Go to my website to enter.
Closes September 30th.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New E releases on Amazon

Montlake have started releasing the Avalon backlist as e and paperback. The first of my books to come on sale in  this new format are The Right Chord and Stuck.

 I had fun writing Stuck. I was trying to write a book where two people were stuck in a lift for the whole time.  I had to let them out after a couple of chapters because I realised if they were in for too long physical demands may became distracting. :)

The Right Chord is the first story of mine Avalon accepted so it is rather special to me. If you like dogs this is the book for you. Woof, the hero's  Malamud, is based on a dog who used to live next door. He'd howl mournfully whenever he heard police, fire brigade or ambulance sirens in the distance. Woof howls when he hears Grace, the heroine practising her violin. As she is a professional musician she must practise so tensions mount between Grace and Woof's owner Harry who is a writer and needs quiet to think and create.  
Both books are available from Amazon. My latest release Eve's Passion is now available and my next Montlake release is out in December-- Love On the North Shore Line.