Friday, February 1, 2008

Wayward characters

I've reached a point in my wip where the heroine wants to leave town because she feels there is nothing left for her. The hero is backing off and won't say what he needs to, to keep her.

They seem to be telling me very strongly what they're going to do even though neither really wants to take that course of action and I want them to get together.

Does this sound familiar? It happens quite often. Your characters should take on a life of their own-- within reason, of course. They need to follow their natural path or your scenes and actions will feel and read as contrived. Nothing worse than manufacturing a plot point because you want such and such to happen.

Good writers make even the most bizarre twists seem logical because they flow so naturally from the characters personalities. As a reader you believe implicitly in the way the heroine reacts even though you may be thinking, "Oh no! Don't run away. Stay."

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