Friday, June 12, 2009

Four Things Tagging

Avalon Wester writer Ian Parnham tagged me.
so here goes

Four Movies that I can see over and over.
1. Six Days Seven Nights 2. A Night At the Opera 3. Terminator 14. The Castle

Four Places I have lived.
1. Canberrra Australia 2. Sierre, Switzerland 3. The Hague, Holland 4. Leeds, England --briefly

Four TV shows that I love to watch.
1. Spicks and Specks (ABC Australia) 2. Graham Norton Show 3. Father Ted 4. Silent Witness

Four places where I have gone on vacation.
1. Western Australia 2. Uluru 3. New Zealand 4. China

Four favourite foods.
1. Mangoes 2. Pasta 3. Nuts 4. Chocolate

Four websites I visit daily
1. Nick Hoorweg Music Avalon Authors blog Facebook 4.RWAustraliaYahoo group

Four Places I would rather be.
1. I like where I am 2. Outside 3. At a good concert 4. Travelling

Four things that I would like to do before I die.
1 Go to Brazil 2. Finish War and Peace 3. Live to 100 (at least)4. See the Pyramids

Four novels I wish that I was reading for the first time.
1. A Dance to the Music of Time--Anthony Powell ( That's 12 in one)2. Pride and Prejudice--Jane Austen 3. The Mayor of Casterbridge--Thomas Hardy 4. To Kill A Mockingbird--Harper Lee

Four people to tag.
Nick Hoorweg
Tracey O'Hara
Christina Phillips
Erica Hayes

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