Friday, September 14, 2012

New E releases on Amazon

Montlake have started releasing the Avalon backlist as e and paperback. The first of my books to come on sale in  this new format are The Right Chord and Stuck.

 I had fun writing Stuck. I was trying to write a book where two people were stuck in a lift for the whole time.  I had to let them out after a couple of chapters because I realised if they were in for too long physical demands may became distracting. :)

The Right Chord is the first story of mine Avalon accepted so it is rather special to me. If you like dogs this is the book for you. Woof, the hero's  Malamud, is based on a dog who used to live next door. He'd howl mournfully whenever he heard police, fire brigade or ambulance sirens in the distance. Woof howls when he hears Grace, the heroine practising her violin. As she is a professional musician she must practise so tensions mount between Grace and Woof's owner Harry who is a writer and needs quiet to think and create.  
Both books are available from Amazon. My latest release Eve's Passion is now available and my next Montlake release is out in December-- Love On the North Shore Line.

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