Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On reading

The book I'm reading at the moment is not from the library. I don't restrict myself totally to the alphabetical system. A while back I read an article about Alexander Mc Call Smith's No.1 Ladies Detective Agency books, set in Botswana. My brother picked up this copy abandoned at the airport and it's doing the rounds of the family. Makes a delightful change from the gritty, gory and or smart talking, hip crime fiction books flooding the market these days. Plus the setting and cultural milieu is interesting.

I like a good murder. My local discussion group has been meeting for over twenty years. Our subject is crime fiction this term. The next book in the course is Dorothy L Sayers 'Strong Poison' starring the inimitable Lord Peter Wimsey. Very dated but still witty, clever and downright funny in places.

In between library and other books I have War and Peace on the go. It is surprisingly readable except I forget who all the multi titled Russians are between outings.

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